The NBOME, Part 1: On COMLEX-USA and Off-Label Marketing

  • According to the Food & Drug Administrations strict rules, pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed to market their products “off label” for purposes for which they have not been proven effective. Should we hold the NBOME to the same standard when they market COMLEX-USA?

The NBOME, Part 2: Osteopathic Medicine’s Vestigial Organ

  • Over the past century, osteopathic physicians have often fought an uphill battle to receive the same practice opportunities and professional recognition received by MDs. But now that [intelligent] people regard MDs and DOs as equivalent, does the NBOME help or hurt osteopathic physicians?

Journal Club: COMLEX-USA and Physician Discipline

  • Authors from the NBOME published a paper claiming that COMLEX-USA delivers useful information to medical boards regarding the likelihood of physicians receiving state board discipline. Does it?