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Checking the references: the evidence in support of Step 1

  • We’re told that Step 1 scores predict measures of physician quality. But do they? Let’s check the references.


USMLE Step 1: leveling the playing field – or perpetuating disadvantage?

  • Do students from “lower tier” medical schools benefit from a scored USMLE? Or would they be better off by playing a different game altogether?


USMLE Step 1: the “antidote to implicit bias”?

  • Under-represented minorities in medicine score lower on Step 1. So why do NBME executives think it’s a cure for bias?


Raising the bar: encouraging trends in USMLE Step 1 performance, 1997-2017

  • Are rising Step 1 scores just “score creep” – or a sign of improving physician quality?


A peek inside the USMLE sausage factory: setting the Step 1 minimum passing score

  • Why is the minimum passing score for Step 1 frequently increased? To understand why, we first need to understand how the passing standard for is set. Let’s find out how the sausages get made.


A two-step plan for a better USMLE Step 1

  • If you turned Step 1 over to me, here’s what I’m gonna do.


A non-MBA’s guide to NBME revenue in 9 simple charts

  • The NBME has a financial conflict of interest in maintaining a scored USMLE. Here’s why.


A MCQ exam on the USMLE

  • I’ve studied the business of the NBME. Ready to take the exam?


The new USMLE score report

  • Since January 2019, USMLE score reports have looked different. What changed – and why?


On pi and Step 1 Mania

  • What would happen if we asked medical students to memorize digits of pi?


The intellectual opportunity cost of USMLE Step 1

  • Students spend a lot of time studying for Step 1. What else could we do with that time?


The etiology of Application Fever

  • Medical students are submitting more residency applications than ever before. Why? Who benefits?


Symbiosis: the USMLE, ERAS, and medical education

  • Step 1 Mania and Application Fever need each other.


The mythology of USMLE Step 1 scores and board certification

  • Do Step 1 scores predict success on the boards? Yes… but maybe not in the way you expect.


The InCUS is coming – are we ready?

  • The corporate sponsors of the USMLE have organized an invitation-only conference to determine the future of USMLE scoring. The InCUS is nigh.


InCUS wrap

  • What happened at InCUS? Who knows. Attendees have been asked to stay silent.


What’s on USMLE Step 1?

  • Physicians who took Step 1 more than 5 years ago honestly have no clue what’s on the exam. Want to remind yourself what’s really tested on Step 1?


Stonewalled: A brief update on InCUS, the NBME, and financial COI

  • I asked the NBME whether InCUS attendees received financial compensation. The answer? Silence.


What can the NFL Draft teach us about residency selection?

  • Getting into residency programs is competitive… but nowhere near as competitive as the NFL. What can we learn from the metrics used to select NFL players?


Step 1 Mania: The Case for #USMLEPassFail

  • Links to a video podcast of a Grand Rounds presentation with an overview of the case for a pass/fail USMLE.


Another MCQ Test on the USMLE

  • Most of us do not interpret USMLE Step 1 scores appropriately. They’re not as precise and reliable as you might imagine.


What’s the Antipyretic for Application Fever?

  • We have a major problem with Application Fever. The question is, what do we do about it?


A Field Guide to USMLE Step 1 Apologists

  • You know what you never hear in the USMLE Pass/Fail debate? The full-throated defense of USMLE Step 1 as a great test. Here’s your field guide to the various USMLE Step 1 Apologists.


Application Fever: The Movie

  • It’s not really a movie. More like a video podcast compiling my thoughts on the mess we’ve made with residency application inflation – and how we can get out of it.


InCUS: The Conversation Continues

  • Preliminary recommendations from InCUS were just released. Unfortunately, they don’t tell us much – and what they do tell us isn’t what I hoped to hear.


Applying Smarter, Part I: Breaking Down the AAMC’s Apply Smart Campaign

  • The AAMC’s Apply Smart campaign perpetuates misinformation, employs faulty logic, presents biased probabilities of residency entry, and is likely to encourage medical students to submit even more residency applications.


Applying Smarter, Part II: How to Give Students the Information They Really Need

  • For informational strategies to reduce Application Fever, the information provided has to be… well, informative. Here’s how to provide the data that students really need when they’re applying for residency.


Why Can’t I Retake USMLE Step 1?

  • It’s a question I’m often asked. But there’s a fundamental difference between the USMLE and other tests used for admission, and this explains why the NBME is highly unlikely to ever allow re-takes.


How Much Does Step 1 Mania Cost Medical Schools?

  • For one prominent U.S. medical school, it’s $495,000/year. Where does that money go? And more importantly, is it worth it?


What’s the REAL Match rate?

  • The NRMP reported record-setting statistics for Match rates in 2019. Are things as good as they appear? Or do the NRMP’s figures overestimate the real likelihood of success for certain applicants, like IMGs?


The USMLE for DOs: How to Stop Fleecing Osteopathic Medical Students

  • In 2018, 4186 osteopathic medical students took USMLE Step 1, and the NBME made $4,399,320 on DO students who took USMLE tests. Thing is, these tests are not required for osteopathic licensure. How can we stop DO students from paying twice for licensing exams?

Why do we have residency training?

  • You might think that residency training evolved as a natural outgrowth of undergraduate medical education. Think again. The real forces that led to the requirement for residency training were a bit more complicated.

Step 2 CS, Part One: How Did We Get Here?

  • Medical students today have to pay $1300 and travel to one of only a handful of testing centers to take the USMLE Step 2 CS exam. This is the story of how the CS exam came to be.

How is the three-digit USMLE score calculated?

  • The NBME does not disclose how it generates an examinee’s three-digit USMLE score from the percentage of questions answered correctly. However, I stumbled on a key clue from the psychometric literature that sheds light on how this is done for USMLE Step 2 CK.

Step 2 CS, Part Two: The Resistance

  • From its inception, medical students have been opposed to USMLE Step 2 CS. This is the story of organized opposition to the CS exam – and why it always failed.


The Match, Part 1: Why do we have a Match?

  • The Match is so ingrained into medical education that it’s hard to imagine life without it. But when you step back and think about it, it’s a question worth asking. Why is getting a residency position so different than applying for any other job?


The Match, Part 2: Getting under the hood – how does the Match work?

  • When you are matching students and programs, the devil is in the details. This post begins the discussion about how the Match algorithm works – and the medical student who led a successful rebellion against the NRMP.


The Match, Part 3: On proposals and the fight for a student-optimal Match

  • In the old days, the Match algorithm systematically favored the preferences of hospitals over students. I’ll explain how – and review the unsung hero who fought for a student-optimal Match.


#USMLEPassFail: A Brave New Day

  • On February 12, 2020, the USMLE announced that Step 1 would become pass/fail as soon as 2022. After the initial shock wore off, I wrote about where we go from here.


The Lecture that Never Got To Be

  • How can residency program directors make the Match process better – in a post-Step 1 world?


On Toilet Paper and Application Caps

  • It’s time to separate myth from reality when it comes to application caps. And we’ll do it through the lens of the COVID-19-induced run on toilet paper.


The Last Lecture

  • Every year, fourth-year students at the school where I teach select faculty to give their “Last Lecture” of medical school. This year, they picked me.


Virtual Interviews: Winners and Losers Edition

  • The Coalition for Physician Accountability has recommended that all residency interviews for the 2020-2021 application season occur virtually. So who wins – and who loses?


Step 2 CS, Part Three: Winners and Losers Edition

  • The NBME just announced that USMLE Step 2 CS is suspended for 12-18 months – a decision that has far-reaching implications for many in medicine. So let’s break it down, winners and losers style.

Journal Club: COMLEX-USA and Physician Discipline

  • Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about how the National Board of Osteopathic Medicine’s clinical skills exam – the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE – provides useful data to medical boards regarding the likelihood of later physician discipline. Does it?

The Residency Selection Arms Race, Part 1: On Genghis Khan, Racing Trophies, and USMLE Score Creep

  • Many residency programs today screen out applicants with USMLE scores that would have been stellar 25 years ago. This piece focuses on how residency selection has become an arms race where relative accomplishment matters more than absolute performance.

Step 2 CS, Part Four: The Future of USMLE Step 2 CS

  • Most medical students want to end Step 2 CS. I don’t think it can be done. Here’s why – and what we should fight for instead.

As more essays are posted, I’ll continue to update this page.