ECFMG Finances, Part III: The Movie

In Part I and Part II, I covered my concerns with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates’ fees – and their seeming inability to articulate how those fees are set. For a non-profit organization, their arrogance and stonewalling speak to a toxic and predatory corporate culture, and their financial numbers… well, they speak for themselves.

Part III won’t turn over much new ground – but it will till the same (rich) soil in a video podcast format.

Check out the video on the Sheriff of Sodium YouTube site.

In making the podcast, my intent is to broaden the audience to concerned stakeholders who don’t have the appetite for a lengthy blog post – but might have a little time on their hands on the morning commute.

I have serious concerns about the ECFMG and their financial policies. If you do, too, I hope you’ll help spread the word.


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