Application Fever: The Movie

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a movie. It’s more like a podcast. Or a video of me talking over a PowerPoint. But whatever.

If you want to learn more about what I call “Application Fever” – the steady inflation in the number of residency applications submitted by medical students – then this is for you.

We’ll cover…

  • What is Application Fever?
  • Why do students apply to so many residency programs?
  • Who benefits from the rise in applications? (Hint: It’s not students or programs.)
  • What can we do to fix it?

Check it out on the Sheriff of Sodium’s YouTube channel, or the link below.



What are critics saying about Application Fever: The Movie?

“Stunning! Undoubtedly the best movie in the history of the universe.”David Manning

“Two thumbs up! It’s refreshing to see someone else’s financial conflict of interest being pointed out for a change.” -Anonymous NBME Executive

“How long does this video last?” -My 10 year old son

“Okay, so two-thirds of the above quotes are fake. But I still hope you’ll watch the video!” -The Sheriff of Sodium


(Running time: 70 minutes.)

And in case you missed it, most of the data and analysis included in the video are also here on this site, mainly in these three posts:

The Etiology of Application Fever

Symbiosis: The USMLE, ERAS, and Medical Education

What’s the Antipyretic for Application Fever?

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